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About Us

Who We Are


A Vision of a New Education Landscape

  • There has been a recognized shift in the education landscape. A greater need of leveraging a one-on-one, and via interactive streaming, engagement, both in the classroom and out, is now critical.
  • The Pandemic has generated even more demand for accurately targeted, unique and engaging online solutions to gain and keep the attention of students, is now required.
  • First and foremost, what was isn’t. Content must be meaningful for each student.
  • There needs to be Identified demand to reach students, teachers, and parents in their environment.
  • Expanded engagement for the classroom to personal devices is key to a cross section of the US diverse student population.

NexxGen Media’s Vision of the New Classroom Partnership

  • NexxGen Media, through its 30 years’ experience in interactive educational programming has identified the need to develop a unified channel to ensure that every child together with their parent to receive specifically developed programming.
  • Designed to complement school curriculum and as a standalone resource, all content is designed to engage young viewers education through weekly bite-sized programming via five select channels.
  • Working closely with teachers, well-trusted education providers such as Edmodo, CBS, the Center of Education Innovation and U.S. Department of Education.
  • NexxGen Media’s diversified content channels are designed to provide specific, curriculum led programming and to complement remote learning.

NexxGen Media Innovative Platform

  • NexxGen Media has a laser focus on providing a connected platform by both producing awe-inspiring shows in addition to curating intuitive and interactive programming to create a culture where everyone is heard and understood – targeted grades 6-8 (future to include 3-5).
  • The NGM team has superior background in education, media, content development & production including:
    • Channel One News
    • NexxGen News
  • NGM’s content strategy and business model will be targeted to students, teachers, and parents focused on:
    • In-classroom distribution
    • Broad out-of-classroom/home distribution
    • Custom content licensing
    • Gated content-subscription