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We Are NexxGen Media

“At this time in our history and what we are experiencing as a global culture, Interactive media, engagement and TV is in every home. It is our opportunity to provide a reputable and respectful vehicle for every member of the family…together!”

The adoption of digital services and brands within the family ecosystem (education, entertainment, communications) which would have taken five years is instead happening over the next six months.

This is why we have created NexxGen Media

NexxGen Media, through its new interactive channels, has stepped up with a major and unified effort to ensure that every child has the opportunity to have targeted and specifically developed programming inserted into their daily curriculum.

Designed to act as a standalone resource or to complement what schools are providing, all content are aimed at minimizing disruption to children’s education while providing rhythm and routine, the weekly bite-sized programming will bring five select silos of educational programs with a lesson-based message.

We work closely with teachers, well-trusted education providers such as Edmodo, Comcast and CBS, the Center of Education Innovation and U.S. Department of Education.

NexxGen Media’s diversified content channels will provide specific, curriculum led programming to complement the remote learning being offered by each student’s schools with a goal to keep up every child’s educational momentum.